Safety IU Smart Urban Micro Mobility Vehicles
IU Smart is focused on intelligent micro-mobility vehicles with a unique design. As one of the certified micro mobility wholesale manufacturers and companies in China, we want everyone to enjoy a green life with a beautiful urban micro mobility scooter.
Electric Scooter Best Electric Commuter Scooter for Your Companion
Battery powered electric commuter scooters are the trend. With IU Smart e-scooters, powerful motor and durable battery give you the most joyful ride, offering a perfect final-mile solution in an urban area. They are perfect commute tools, especially popular among young people. As a certified electric scooter manufacturers in china, IU Smart offers types of urban micro mobility electrical foldable scooters.
Electric Scooter
Smart Hoverboard Different Types of Custom Hoverboard from China Wholesale
Road hoverboard scooters from IU Smart are available in various types including U1, X1 and X2. They are quality hoverboards that represent the future generation, and feature high-end tech. As a hoverboard manufacturer in China, our self balancing scooter hoverboard helps reduce carbon emission or save your walking efforts.
Smart Hoverboard
Electric Skateboard Custom Electric Powered Skateboards Wholesale
The custom electric powered skateboards offered by IU Smart have fashionable designs, available in K1 and K2. As an electric skateboard supplier in China that aims to innovation, IU Smart produces road skateboards with higher qualities and lower costs.
Electric Skateboard
IU Smart Products Advantages
Customer First
Safety Quality

The Experience of many years dealing with OEM&ODM orders has helped us eliminate any and all problems we encounter through tests and studies that propel us forward.

Customer First
Customer First

Our customer-oriented approach has been a staple of the company, we keep designing urban micro mobility transportation products with user's perspective. Whatever our customers need, we always try our best to satisfy them.

Safety Quality

Striving to provide high quality, safe, and reliable urban micro mobility devices for the customers, we put the satisfaction of our customers first and we are truly grateful for the constructive feedback regarding all of the issues they face.

Why Buy Micro Mobility Vehicles from IU Smart

Founded in 2016, IU SMART is a manufacturing company of micro-mobility and green daily commuting transportation tools headquartered in Shenzhen China.

It covers the OEM & ODM of electric motor scooter, hoverboard, electric skateboard, electric bike, electric motorcycle and electric cars. IU SMART possesses design patents for all products.

After tireless effort over the last 5 years, IU rolled out a series of urban micro mobility products that achieve considerable popularity all over the world. 

In the future, we will develop products with technological innovation, and continue to measure our success by the enjoyment of our customers.

Company CE
Company NPS
Company FC
Company EMC
Company LVD
More IU Smart Products+

Do you want to bring in your country electric scooters and other urban micro mobility vehicles of the most innovative style?

We wish to meet urban micro mobility operators who want to strongly become our partners in the sale of IU Smart micro-mobility vehicles.

As a certified electric scooter and other urban micro mobility devices wholesale supplier in China, IU Smart offers you the opportunity to qualify your store with innovative and quality products. 

We only provide electric scooters and hoverboards with the best qualities, it should be a wise decision to join our team.

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