How to Choose an Electric Bike Correctly?

As one of the most common means of transportation in people's lives, electric bikes are favored by the masses for their convenience, lightness, cheapness, and pollution-free advantages. At the same time, they have also become a daily essential tool for employees in industries such as food delivery and express delivery.

However, due to illegal modification, improper parking and charging, and poor safety awareness of riders, urban electric bike fire accidents frequently occur, which brings hidden fire hazards to urban safety. In order to buy electric bicycle more safely and conveniently, consumers should comply with the following reminders:

1. Find the 3C logo on the electric bike

Consumers should check carefully whether the electric bike has the 3C mark during the purchase process, and do not buy products with unclear marks or no 3C marks.

2. Compare the electric bike's information

Read the manual carefully, scan the QR code on the electric bike's certificate and compare the information with the actual vehicle. The key point is to check whether the main components such as the battery and charger are consistent with the CCC certificate information. And consumers should check the condition of their micro-mobility devices and whether supporting equipment such as accessories, chargers are equipped.

3. Buy electric bike through formal channels

Choose electric bicycle manufacturers with complete licenses, high market credibility, and stable business conditions for consumption, and try to choose brands with good market reputation and high pass rate of spot checks. If you buy it online, try to buy electric vehicles at brand flagship stores on formal e-commerce platforms. When buying a bike, be sure to ask for a valid bill and keep it properly. Try to choose a dealer with good after-sales service and a fixed special maintenance department for after-sales and keep a written maintenance record.

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