Points to Note when Using Electric Bicycles

1. Precautions for battery use of electric bikes

The electric bikes' batteries currently used in the market are mainly lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. Unqualified lithium batteries are more likely to explode or catch fire when they are squeezed, punctured, and in high temperature. Although qualified lithium batteries are generally safe, they still have a small probability of self-explosion. Compared with lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries are less prone to extreme accidents such as fire and explosion, but the disadvantages of the lead-acid batteries are bulkiness and small capacity. Therefore, do you want a long-life lithium battery or a safer lead-acid battery? Consumers need to make a rational choice.

2. Pay attention to safe charging of electric bikes

You should not pull wires privately and charge indoors or corridors. Instead, you should centrally charge in a safe charging place that has special care or short-circuit protection, automatic alarm and other functions. The electric bikes should be charged according to the recommended time in the manual to avoid too long charging time. In principle, it should not exceed 10 hours.

3. The battery voltage of electric bikes must comply with national standards

In real life, users of electric bike wholesale often modify batteries higher than 48V in pursuit of fast running and long endurance. Most of the electric bicycle fire accidents that cause casualties are related to the modification and installation of batteries.

4. The use and maintenance of electric bikes and parts

Consumers should pay attention to the condition of these micro-mobility devices and check the status of the whole car and parts regularly. If the battery is found to be swollen or the wire is aging, it should be replaced in time. It is recommended to go to a professional maintenance point for inspection every six months to a year. Under normal circumstances, the service life of ordinary electric bike's batteries is 1-2 years and should be replaced regularly.

5. The use of electric bike chargers

As long as the electric bicycle charger is fast and cheap, it can be equipped with one at random? of course not. Consumers should use the original or the same type of charger, which matches the battery voltage and other parameters. Never mix different types of chargers. Chargers that do not match the battery parameters may bring fire hazards even if the quality is qualified. 

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