IU Smart U1 250W 8 Inch Wheels All Terrain Red and Blue Hoverboard

Hoverboard U1
  • Hoverboard U1

MASSIVE 8-inch all-terrain "Infinity" wheels. EXCLUSIVE music-synced ground Samsung battery. The longest distance IU hoverboard U1 can reach is 16km((9.94 miles), and when the speed exceeds 12km (7.45mile)/h, our 2 wheel electric hoverboard will carry out over-speed protection.


250w 8 Inch Wheels Red and Blue Hoverboard U1 Specification


    UL: E486619

    Support weight: 20~120KG(44lbs~265lbs) 

    Max distance: 12km(7.5mile)/h

    Max distance: 16km(9.94mile) 

    Over Speed Protection: 12km(7.45mile)/h

    Max Usage time: about 2 hours

    Max Climb Angle: 15 degree

Details of 250W 8 Inch Wheels Red and Blue Hoverboard

Product size630mm*225mm*212mm
carton size700mm*300mm*300mm
net weight11kg
Gross weight13.5kg
Support weight:20~120KG(44lbs~265lbs)20~120KG(44lbs~265lbs)
Max distance:12km(7.5mile)/h12km(7.5mile)/h
Max distance16km(9.94mile)
Over Speed Protection12km(7.45mile)/h
Max Usage timeabout 2 hours
Max Climb Angle15 degree
Charging time130minutes
Low battery protection15%
Battery type158W/ Samsung
144W CHINA-HCEY removable lithium battery

Advantages of 250W 8 Inch All Terrain Hoverboard

  • Dual 250W motors. 8" maintenance-free tires. Reach speeds up to 8 MPH. XL in name and performance.

  • Samsung removable lithium battery.

  • Strong bearing capacity: It can bear 20-120kg. 

  • Lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Provide over-speed protection.

  • It can be used continuously for nearly 2 hours.

  • Flexible control, high driving comfort with ergonomic design, and suitable for all weather conditions.

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Hoverboard U1
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