IU Smart Custom Electric Moped Scooter and Motorcycle Wholesale in China

An electric motorcycle is also called a motor scooter. As a certified electric motorcycle manufacturer in china, IU Smart offers types of electric motorcycles, which create a superior riding experience with its transformational line of electric-powered motorcycles. Our people are driven by innovation, charged by passion, guided by integrity, and measured by results. IU Smart is an electric motorcycle wholesale supplier, we only produce e-scooter motorcycles with the best qualities.

Different Types of Custom China Electric Bike Moped Scooter Motors for Sale

Our electric motorcycle  included 48v electric motorcycle and 1500w electric motorcycle, types available in M1 and M2, both high-performance electric motorcycles that are lightweight, efficient, fast off the line, and fun to ride

FAQs of Custom Chinese E-scooter Motorcycle for Sale

How long did it take for someone to put together?

It didn't take very long at all to put together, very simple instructions. My 4-year-old grandson absolutely loves his motorcycle, and so does all his friends! I recommend this product!

How do you turn the lights on that go around the tires?

It turns on as he drives

Do the training wheel come off?

Yes, they're optional when assembling. If the kid can ride a bike already, they probably won't be needed

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