Why Does the Brake of Electric Bike Become Less Sensitive As It is Used?

1. The more brake of electric powered bike is used, the less sensitive it is

The brake is a safety component of electric powered bikes and is closely related to the safety of electric powered bikes. However, in actual use, many brakes are becoming less and less sensitive, and so the safety components are no longer safe. What is the reason? How do we solve it?

In order to evaluate the quality of the brake of electric powered bike, one of safety components, the braking performance of new bike is based on the braking distance of the new bike. The problem is that the braking performance of the new bike is generally good, but because the brake friction material wears too fast, after a while, it becomes less sensitive. So the question is, why does the friction material wear so fast? This is determined by the wear resistance and temperature characteristics of the friction material.

2. What should we do if the brake of electric powered bike is not sensitive?

The braking of electric powered bike is the process of converting mechanical energy into heat energy. If the temperature characteristics of the friction material are not good enough, when we use the brake frequently, the temperature of the brake will rise sharply, thereby changing the friction coefficient of the brake, accelerating and intensifying its wear.

In fact, when the brake of of electric powered bike is slightly worn, we can adjust it in some small ways, but most of the time, we don't have time to adjust, and only when the brakes are almost worn out can we discover the issue. The bike and brake function are used very frequently, and when you realize that you need to adjust, the brake pads have already worn out.

So, what is the fundamental way to solve the problem of rapid wear of brake materials of electric powered bike? In fact, it is very simple, that is, increase the level of the brake. The brake should be made of materials with little wear and good temperature stability. If the wear resistance and temperature characteristics of friction materials have been improved, they can be more wear-resistant and safer. In this way, both new and old bikes can brake stably.

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