Comparative Analysis of the Electric Scooter and Electric Powered Bicycles

The electric scooter is upgraded based on the traditional scooter, and components such as the battery, motor, light, dashboard, and computer chips are added to the human-powered scooter. At the same time, the wheels, brakes, frame and other systems were upgraded, resulting in the production of the electric scooter. In general, it is more commonly used in daily transportation and especially favored by office workers.  

Electric powered bicycles are upgraded based on bicycles, and components such as batteries, motors, lights, dashboards, and computer chips have also been added, resulting in the production of electric powered bicycles.

Let's compare the performance of the electric scooter and electric powered bicycles:

1. The portability of the electric scooter

The electric scooter is composed of frame, wheels, battery, brake system, lighting system, instrument panel, etc. In China, the most common is the two-wheeled electric scooter.  The net weight of a lightweight foldable scooter with 36V10AH lithium battery and 8 inches is about 15 kg. In general, after being folded, the length does not exceed 1.2 meters and the height does not exceed 60 cm. And it can be carried or put in the trunk. However, the three-wheeled electric scooter is relatively large in size and weight. In general, the scooter with 36V8Ah lithium battery, 8.5 inches, and the folded size of 130cm*59.5cm*48cm is 17KG, which can also be put in the trunk. However, electric powered bicycles will be larger and irregular to fold than the electric scooter because it has 12-inch tires or more, as well as protruding parts such as pedals. So, it is not as convenient as the electric scooter to put in the trunk.

2. The trafficability of the electric scooter  

In general, the tire size of the common two-wheeled electric scooter does not exceed 10 inches. It has a small size and it is flexible to be used in urban roads due to its lower chassis. The tire size of electric powered bicycles is generally above 12 inches so that they can be ridden freely on urban roads or even poor roads. However, it is not as flexible as the electric scooter due to its large size.

3. The electric scooter can also be ridden without electricity

The electric scooter can be slid on foot without electricity, and electric powered bicycles can be ridden with human power like normal bicycles. However, due to the weight, it will be difficult to ride electric powered bicycles without electricity.

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