How to Choose an Electric Scooter?

There are many electric foot scooter types on the market, so how can we choose a suitable electric scooter for us?

1. The applicable scene of electric foot scooter

First look at where do you want to use an electric foot scooter. If you use it together with public transport, or you need to put it in the car trunk, it would be more suitable to buy lightweight foldable scooter, better within 9 kg. In this kind of scene, the mileage of one-way riding is not far, and the full electric range of the car can be 15 ~ 20km. In addition, IU has this type of electric foot scooter.

2. The battery of electric foot scooter

If you are using it for commute, the distance of one-way is around 5~10 km, so normally the round-trip is a distance of about 20 km. To those customers, we suggest that you can choose the electric foot scooter with long battery life to be one of your micro-mobility devices. As the riding time is long and the scooter is not so fast, so you must pay attention to whether the electric foot scooter is comfortable or not. The best electric foot scooter is to have a more comfortable riding feeling, or equipped with tires with a damping effect. Each type of electric foot scooter of IU can meet your needs.

3. The speed of electric foot scooter

There are some friends might like adventure or excitement, who are suitable for high-performance scooter, such as that with higher speed (more than 30 km/h), stronger power (mainly reflects in the motor power and climbing speed), and better damping effect. It is better to be equipped with a shock absorber, bigger tires (at least nine inches). Of course, the battery life is also indispensable, preferably more than 40km.

4. The appearance of electric foot scooter

There are also customers who are looking for personalized scooters, this kind of people may not pay too much attention to the price and performance of the scooter, the scooter appearance is the first consideration. For those products, the general investment cost is relatively high; IU's products all have a good appearance, when buying, if you have any other needs, please feel free to tell us.

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