The Advantages of Electric Scooters

The appearance of the electric scooter is very stylish and compact. Even if you take a bus, it is no problem for you to take it. If you are walking around or going outside, it is a very good small leisure transportation, mainly because it is very convenient to carry. The electric scooter has good performance.

Ⅰ. Features of electric scooters

The electric scooter, as one of the most popular micro-mobility vehicles, has the characteristics of fission resistance, deformation resistance, high cold resistance, and abrasion resistance. The aluminum alloy bracket and base are reinforced, and it is not easy to break. The surface of the electric scooter is printed with various beautiful patterns. The electric scooter can move forward by twisting the body reliably. It does not need to push and slide with your feet. In addition, it can have various fancy changes. With the waist twisting exercise, it can achieve a significant weight loss effect and can enhance the personal balance ability of entertainment and become a fitness activity. With so many advantages, don't you want to buy E-scooter?

Ⅱ. The improvement of electric scooter design technology

1. Increased from the previous single rear shock absorber to double rear shock absorber, which makes riding more comfortable and assured

2. The battery can be easily disassembled, which is more convenient for the cumbersomeness of the car to go upstairs;

3. Increase the distance between the car seat and the handlebar, even if you are 1.9m, you will never feel the leg tired

4. The motor is equipped with a heat sink, which is more beautiful than before, and at the same time improves the stability and service life of the motor

5. Front and rear shock absorption. The perfect shock absorption effect makes riding it become a real pleasure. Upgraded seat cushion tube structure, flip-up panel is very convenient to access the battery, off-road vehicle-style handle, coupled with beautiful appearance, making the one who ride it become the focus of everyone's attention.

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