Why Can't the Electric Scooter Be Charged While the Green Light is On?

Ⅰ. Reasons of electric scooter charging failure

When the battery is charged with a charger, the electric scooter will light green when charging and cannot be connected to the power supply. When the charger is charging the battery, once the power is connected, the green light will light up. There may be a short circuit in the battery, but two other phenomena will occur at the same time: one is the charger has been damaged in some cases. When the power is connected, the charger has been damaged. When the charger indicator light is connected, there is no display, and some directly display the green light; Another situation is caused by line failure, such as disconnection or drop of the connecting wire so that the circuit cannot form a loop when the charger is connected to the power supply.

Ⅱ. Solutions to charging failure of electric scooter

Solution 1: After replacing the charger, it is found that the situation has improved. If the insurance is damaged, the converter of the charger may be damaged, which directly indicates that it cannot be charged. The correct solution is to replace the converter or fuse, but if it still cannot be solved, it can only be replaced with a new charger.

Solution 2: After replacing the charger, it is found that the situation remains unchanged, and it can be concluded that a small battery in the battery pack is faulty. The correct solution is to ask the maintenance supervisor to check whether each battery is faulty with a multimeter. If it cannot be repaired, check whether it can be repaired and only replace it with a new battery.

Solution 3: No matter whether the connecting wire falls off or is connected incorrectly, it usually indicates that the interface is loose or corroded. The solution is to reinsert the charger of OEM electric scooter to see if it turns from green to red. If not, you need to check whether the interface is corroded. If so, you need to replace the wiring.

For users of portable electric scooter, the charging of electric scooters shows a green light but not charging, which is generally caused by the above factors. If the electric scooter has a green light and users cannot solve it, please go to the service shop for maintenance as soon as possible. 

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