How to Buy an Electric Scooter?

Now with the fast pace of urban life, electric scooters can adapt well to urban life: small size, low cost, manpower saving, simple and convenient operation, fast speed, and they can adapt to different road environments.

1. The advantages of electric scooters

(1) Simple assembly: 

It is actually a model with the attribute of "vehicle", so it is easy to assemble.

(2) Intuitive operation: 

It is not difficult to learn how to use it, people can learn it quickly.

(3) Interesting usage: 

Whether you are a child or an adult, you can find your happiness through the electric scooter which has already been one of the most popular micro-mobility devices.

(4) Shuttle at will: 

Lightweight foldable scooters can traverse the trails at will and pass through the gaps between cars, but this is not to encourage everyone to shuttle in places with heavy traffic.

2. Points for purchasing electric scooters

(1) Small and easy to take

①Choose a lightweight foldable scooter.

②Neither choose too heavy (not easy to carry) or too light (not enough safety performance).

(2) Weight

If you want to take the electric scooter for subways and buses, please choose the carbon brazing type; if you want to use it for not driving, please ignore the weight, and be sure to choose a durable one. It is especially recommended for girls to choose an ultra-lightweight folding scooter under 10kg.

(3) Battery life

Needless to say, everyone knows that electric products have batteries. The battery is a consumable item, and it won't work for a long time. So here is a little trick for everyone: you can choose those models that can be used for tens of kilometers (30+) instead of tens of kilometers. Such models are enough for daily use.

(4) Vehicle speed

The core motor of the electric scooter, the quality of the motor determines the speed and durability of the car, it is recommended that the best speed be controlled between 15~23km/h. As mentioned earlier, this kind of electric scooter cannot be driven too fast, safety is of first priority!

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