The Future Development of Electric Scooter Industry

With the rapid development of electric vehicles, traditional models can no longer meet the needs of the majority of electric vehicle users. The emergence of folding E-scooters can better meet the needs of the public.

1. Market analysis of folding electric scooters

(1) In recent years, with the increase of small cars, the roads are often congested. As a means of transportation for people, folding E-scooter has entered people's lives. Its convenience and green characteristics make it have a huge market space.

(2) In the era of intelligent development, the emergence of smart folding E-scooter has brought people a new experience. It is only a matter of time before the hot business opportunities leading to the intelligentization of electric scooters.

2. Analysis of the characteristics of folding electric scooters

(1) The smart folding electric scooter of IU Smart has an intelligent operating system, which is similar to the processor in a computer. It improves the control performance of the whole scooter and has the ability to communicate with external smart devices. The accuracy of motor control is increased by 30%, and the start of electric vehicles will be more stable, and users will be more comfortable and safer to ride. It not only has that advantage but also can increase the cruising range and make travel more convenient.

(2) The vehicle can be locked/unlocked through the mobile phone APP, which replaces the function of the traditional key. There is no need to carry a lot of keys anymore. Locking/unlocking the car can be easily done with just one key. Integrating the circuit of the whole vehicle's electrical components with the chip, the chip is not unlocked, the whole vehicle cannot run, even if the motor and other accessories are replaced, the vehicle cannot be started.

(3) It can be folded in seconds with one hand, and the body, seat and pedals can be retracted and retracted simultaneously. The volume after folding is less than one meter.

3. Analysis of investment prospects of folding electric scooters

Low-carbon green travel and life is a very environmental-friendly and civilized thing, and everyone will minimize all possible consumption. Of course, low-carbon mainly refers to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Electric scooter meet people's needs without affecting the environment. It can be imagined how huge the future market business opportunities are.

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