How to Identify the Quality of the Electric Skateboard Scooter?

Ⅰ. How to buy an electric skateboard scooter

There are many types of electric skateboard scooters, the price is high, the quality is different, the prices of cars that look the same are different, customers often complain when buying electric skateboard scooters: buy cheap things, afraiding that cheap things are not good, is this quality reliable? Buy expensive things, It is really difficult to see what the value of it.

Below we compare specific products so that consumers can clearly recognize the quality of the electric skateboard scooter.

Ⅱ. How to distinguish the quality of electric skateboard scooter?

1. Precision work comes from details

Any good product requires strict requirements for details, but many customers do not observe when buying goods. Screws and washers represent the inherent quality of the entire electric skateboard scooter.

2. Identification of the pros and cons of the frame

For famous cars and electric skateboard scooter frames, there are drilling holes on the inside of each part of the tube. This is because the liquid can flow in and out during the pickling and phosphating process, and we can also observe the thickness of the frame tube here.

3. Identification of the pros and cons of plastic parts

Inferior car molding products mostly use inferior materials, the size is not standard, the accuracy is poor, and the joints have large cracks. The brand electric skateboard scooter molding products use high-quality new materials, which is high hardness, anti-aging, tightly integrated, and flat.

4. Identification of the quality of tires

Most of the tires used in brand vehicles are tires produced by high-quality tire brands. Inferior cars usually use counterfeit brand and counterfeit brand tires.

5. Identification of the pros and cons of the motor

The motor of a good electric skateboard scooter is customized, cast or printed brand logo, and bar code is attached to identify the vehicle information. Inferior car motors are mostly purchased on the market, and usually only have information such as the production date of the motor model.

6. Identification of welding technology

Check the welding parts in the places where the electric skateboard scooter is not easy to observe. If the welding in the hidden places can be handled well, then it is qualified. Especially for the electric foldable scooter, it is most important.

7. Distinction of the quality of the charger

For all high-quality electric skateboard scooters, electric skateboard manufacturers use factory specific chargers and print the brand logo, while the inferior car chargers are cheap chargers purchased by the dealer themselves and they print the charger brand logo.

As the saying goes, do comparion shopping before you pay. Especially when buying an electric skateboard scooter, don't just listen to the high or low price. Good quality is always more important than lower price.

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