IU Smart Custom Road Legal Electric Golf Buggy Cart Wholesale in China

A golf cart car is also called a golf buggy. IU Smart is a custom electric golf cart manufacturer providing custom street legal golf carts for sale with different types of good electric golf cart prices.

You can use our electric golf buggy with confidence.

Our golf cart china for sale of IU golf cart maker is available for 2-seater and 4-seater and 6 seater.

Battery-driven and gasoline engine-driven types of golf buggy china are available.

Use other than golf of our road legal golf cart is up to you.

With different types of custom street legal golf carts that can be used to suit your lifestyle.

If you want to buy custom street legal golf carts, please look at the picture of the delivery scenery.

Types of Custom Road Legal Electric Golf Buggy Cart Wholesale

This is one of our most popular micro mobility devices. Available for 2-seater. Battery-driven and gasoline engine-driven types are available. All of our golf cart wholesale provides cool golf carts for sale.

IU Smart- Custom Golf Cart Manufacturer in China

IU custom golf carts for sale can be customized in many shapes and sizes, with just as many wholesale golf carts for sale. If you want to buy a golf cart, IU Smart custom golf buggy cart wholesale in China is your good choice as a professional custom golf cart manufacturers in China.

Custom services can be realized by modifying from their original configuration to the growing popularity of modifications. Since suspension upgrades are commonplace, we provide customized services or even entire redesigns including axles and an engine from a full-size automobile. Typical modifications include windshields, ball cleaners, cooler trays, upgraded motor or speed controller (to increase speed and/or torque), and lift kits. Some custom golf carts suppliers are inspired by the skateboard, with all four wheels being driven and the golfer controlling the cart in a standing upright position as if riding the skateboard, leaning left or right to make the turn.

FAQs of Custom Street Legal Electric Golf Carts For Sale

What is considered a golf cart?

A golf cart also referred to golf buggy, is a small vehicle that was originally designed to carry two golfers and their golf equipment on golf courses or sightseeing, which is more labor-saving than walking.

How Does Golf Cart Buggy Working

Golf cart is also called golf buggy. IU Smart golf carts run on combustion engines, which are usually four-stroke. Electric golf carts run on battery cells.

What is the difference between a golf cart and a golf buggy?

People in U.K., Europe, and Australia prefer to use the word “Buggy” while in the United States “golf cart” is used commonly. Buggy is sometimes used to mean a pushcart or hand cart carrying a golf bag.

Can I use a golf buggy as a mobility scooter?

The buggy is designed as a street legal golf cart that can be legally used on the main road, to and from the golf club, to and from the shops, Caravan Park, or even to and from the beach. In other words, to be used where you need a vehicle to take you around any roadway without the need to use a trailer.

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