Do You Know the Cause of Steering Failure of the Electric Skateboard Scooter?

Electric skateboard scooters have now become a practical means of transportation. Many people buy and use them because they are easy to carry, effortless, and flexible.

1. Reasons for steering failure of the electric skateboard scooter

Now, there is a problem encountered by the electric skateboard scooter that is more troublesome for everyone. When many people use electric skateboard scooters, sometimes they feel that the steering is not particularly flexible, or the steering cannot be turned, and sometimes It is only possible to use external force to reluctantly rotate, so that for us, the use is greatly hindered, but in fact it is related to the bearing in the bar of the electric skateboard scooter.

When the bearing of the electric skateboard scooter is too tight, the lever of the electric skateboard scooter cannot rotate freely, which will cause the problem of inflexible steering or inability to steer.

2. How to solve the steering failure of the electric skateboard scooter

If you need to adjust the tightness, you need to unscrew the screws on the upper part of the lever, remove the lever held by your hand, and then use the corresponding tool to loosen the bearing. Don't be too anxious during the loosening process, but try to turn while loosening. Whether it can rotate normally, there is no need to loosen the bearing when it can rotate normally.

If there is no corresponding tool, you can contact the shop where the electric skateboard scooter was purchased to inquire how to deal with it. If you loose the bearing in an incorrect way without authorization, it may damage the electric skateboard scooter and also affect the service life and warranty of the electric skateboard scooter.

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