Reasons for Abnormal Running of Electric Scooter in Winter

Ⅰ. The chemical characteristics of lithium-ion batteries

First of all, the working principle of the electric skateboard scooter power battery. There are many types of lithium-ion batteries at this stage, but their working principles are roughly the same. Lithium ions charge and discharge as they move in front of the positive and negative electrodes. However, when the temperature is too low, the lithium ion movement speed will slow down, which will cause the battery to be easily worn out during discharge and reduce the endurance. Temperature being too low will affect the charging power of the electric scooter, increase the charging time, affect the kinetic energy recovery, and the duration will naturally decrease.

The use of high-power charging in a low-temperature environment will cause lithium precipitation, which will cause irreversible damage to the battery. The metal lithium dendrites from the lithium precipitation may pierce the diaphragm, causing battery accidents and affecting safety.

Ⅱ. Electricity consumption of battery pack heating

The low temperature in winter affects the continuity and charging efficiency of oem electric scooter. The battery pack heating system is also a common solution applied by electric scooter manufacturers. However, its main function is to ensure the power output, it won't affect the normal starting and driving of the electric scooter, and won't prolong the service life of the battery. On the contrary, electric heating will consume part of the battery power and reduce the continuity.

Ⅲ. Electricity consumption of air-conditioning hot air

The first two points have a certain impact on the duration, but not too much. The reason affecting the continuous distance is the air-conditioning hot air. The hot air of the fuel vehicle mainly depends on the heat of the engine. The owner of the fuel vehicle turns on the hot air of the air conditioner at will in winter without worrying about the increase of fuel cost.

Unlike the fuel car, the complete lithium electric scooter has almost no heat and can only be heated by itself. It is equivalent to setting an electric heating wind on the car, which is very power-consuming. The power of any electric heating wind is basically more than 2200W, not to mention the power for vehicles, the power will only increase. When this part of the power is occupied by the air conditioner, the remaining power will naturally become smaller and the endurance will be greatly reduced.

After understanding the above three reasons, it is not difficult to find that as long as the problem of heat source is solved, the problem of e wheel skateboard electric vehicle endurance in winter can be solved to a great extent.

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