What's the Matter About the Electric Skateboard Scooters Slowing Down?

The control method of the electric skateboard scooter is the same as that of the traditional electric bicycle, which is easy to be learned by the driver. It is equipped with a detachable and foldable seat. Compared with the traditional electric bicycle, its structure is simpler, the wheels are smaller, and it is lighter and simpler, which can save a lot of social resources.

Some users of electric skateboard scooters have seen electric skateboard scooters slowing down, so what causes the phenomenon?

1. Reasons for the slowdown of electric skateboard scooters

(1) The battery power is insufficient, the output current is insufficient, so the speed becomes lower;

(2) Mechanical failure, increased friction, then scooter slows down;

(3) Touch the third gear button or insert the speed limit line accidentally;

(4) Demagnetization of the motor, power attenuation, and then deceleration;

(5) There is an internal fault in the controller, and the controller does not match the motor.

Of course, in the face of objective factors such as headwind, uphill, overweight and others, the speed of electric skateboard scooters will also be lowered.

2. Solutions to the slowdown of electric skateboard scooters:

(1) The electric skateboard scooter should be fully charged;

(2) Open the detection controller of seat cushion, if there is a peculiar smell or burn marks, it should be replaced immediately;

(3) Remove the throttle control handle and check whether the sliding contact electrode is in bad contact;

(4) Lift the scooter and turn the front and rear wheels by hand to see if there is any abnormal noise in the brakes. If necessary, remove the brake cover to clean up foreign objects.

If user fails to solve this problem of the electric skateboard scooter through a series of tests, it is best to go to a professional repair point in time, because the longer the delay, the greater the possibility of the supporting component being damaged.

3. The scientific charging method of battery of electric skateboard scooter

First of all, we must ensure that deep discharge is not frequent. Deep discharge will greatly impact the battery life of the electric skateboard scooter. This means that you should charge the scooter in time before you find that the power on the dashboard is insufficient, or even when it is completely exhausted.

Secondly, when charging the battery of the electric skateboard scooter, try to charge it in time after use, and try to ensure that the battery is used in a sufficient state, which is better for the battery.

In addition, it does not take long for a new battery to be charged for the first time. Nowadays, almost all electric skateboard scooters have the function of jumping lights. After the indicator light indicating that the battery is fully charged is on, it will generally stop charging automatically.

What needs to be reminded is that if the electric skateboard scooter is not used for a long time, it must be stored at full capacity after the battery is fully charged. After the battery is charged, it will automatically discharge when placed there. When using it again, be sure to check the battery condition, if part of the power has been consumed, you must recharge it again.

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