Four Ways to Extend the Service Life of Motor of Electric Skateboard Scooter

Ⅰ. Motor of the electric skateboard scooter

The motor is the heart of the electric skateboard scooter, which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and is equivalent to the engine of a car.

Ⅱ. How to extend the service life of motor of electric skateboard scooter

1. Don't overload

Overloading of the electric skateboard scooter may cause the motor and the circuit to be overloaded, resulting in heat generation, affecting the service life, and severely causing the motor to burn down immediately. Under a heavy load, it is easy to cause the motor to hit a hard object when the rear tires are under-inflated and lack air pressure, which is easy to damage the motor.

2. Regarding the motor maintenance

Pay attention to maintaining sufficient battery voltage to prevent the motor from heating due to insufficient voltage, which will cause the motor to speed up aging. Pay attention to checking the fasteners of the wheel hub of electric skateboard scooter installed on the rear fork. If there is any loosening of the nut, the nut should be tightened in time. When removing dust and sludge from the outside of the motor, do not spray directly with water to prevent sludge, moisture, and dust from entering the inside of the motor.

3. About wading and high temperature

Don't get it into deep water: The motor of electric skateboard scooter does not have good waterproof function due to the outgoing line and sealing. When driving, the water surface should not exceed the position of the center axis of rear wheel, otherwise the motor will be burnt when the water enters. And if it is possible, try to choose a waterproof electric scooter.

High temperature hazard: Excessive heating temperature of the motor will demagnetize the magnetic steel. What's more dangerous is that the pressure difference generated after cooling will suck water vapor and dust into the motor and cause water to accumulate, resulting in fast power consumption and weak driving.

4. About anomalies and vibration

When the motor of electric skateboard scooter is hot, smoking and has peculiar smell, abnormal noise or other abnormalities, it should be sent to the after-sales shop for treatment. Please do not disassemble the motor by yourself.

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