Riding a Eco-friendly Scooter to Work is Environmentally Friendly and Fashionable

1. Eco-friendly scooter is popular

When the German engineer Sieghartstxaka invented the scooter in 1993, he actually intended to solve his problem of commuting congestion. Although there are a lot of scooters specifically for adults, by mistake, eco friendly scooters are now more popular among teenagers and even children. In many people's impressions, scooters are more like "children's toys". However, IU's eco-friendly scooter is not only popular among children, but also among adults.

2. Excellent performance of IU eco-friendly scooter

The eco-friendly scooter designed by IU has a more concise and fashionable appearance overall, which is more in line with the aesthetics of adults.

The button is designed to control the opening and closing of the pedal. There are batteries, electric motors, etc. hidden under the pedals, so this is essentially an electric foot scooter.

What's interesting is that its front wheel also has a generator function, so while driving, it in turn provides driving power to the electric motor. The pedal that can be electrically separated by a button is also an innovative design. It can be opened electrically to make the sliding posture more stable and comfortable. The brake system uses disc brakes, and there are also brake lights to ensure safety. It is also a lightweight foldable scooter, which can be placed directly under the desk in the office, which is much more convenient than bicycles or electric bicycles, and it is also anti-theft.

Compared to driving to work, riding IU's eco-friendly scooter can not only reduce the trouble of traffic jams, let you sleep a few more minutes, but also make a contribution to environmental protection, which is completely electric trend. If you use this eco-friendly scooter, there is no need to drive or take a taxi, reducing a lot of carbon emissions.

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