How to Choose Folding Electric Scooter for Adults?

With the slogan of green travel and low-carbon life, folding electric scooters have attracted attention because they are easy to fold and convenient to travel, which are quite popular. However, there are too many brands of scooters, and workshops from various manufacturers are swarming, however, the quality of scooters varies, which makes everyone worried when buying folding electric scooters for adults. So how do you choose? Below IU will share with you the selection experience!

1. Battery life of folding electric scooter for adults

Regarding the endurance of folding electric scooters for adults, it is directly related to the choice of electric vehicle batteries. 

There are two main types of batteries currently in use, one is lead-acid batteries and the other is lithium batteries. The price of lead-acid batteries is relatively low, so they are the most commonly used, but lead-acid batteries have certain disadvantages. Simply put, they are small in capacity, large in size, and short in cycle life. Under the same capacity,  the weight and volume of lead-acid batteries are relatively large, which is obviously not the best choice for this kind of transportation tool that requires high volume. The other is the lithium battery. In the case of the same battery capacity, the weight and volume of the lithium battery are much smaller than that of the lead-acid battery, which has great advantages in reducing the weight of the scooter, and its life can be longer than that of the lead-acid battery. Long, the "disadvantage" of lithium batteries is the higher price, resulting in a large price gap between lithium electric scooters and lead-acid scooters. Consumers should choose lithium batteries as much as possible within the price range, because lithium batteries are lighter, more environmentally friendly, have strong endurance, and have a relatively long service life. For battery voltage and capacity, consumers can choose according to their actual needs. If there is a certain requirement for speed, try to choose a battery above 48V; if there is a requirement for cruising range, try to choose a battery with a capacity above 10Ah battery.

2. Motor type of folding electric scooter for adults

Folding electric scooter for adults are the same as electric bicycles. The motor is the performance guarantee of all electric vehicles, so the choice of motor is particularly important. Currently, in-wheel motors are commonly used, and in-wheel motors are divided into solid hub motors and hollow hub motors. The advantages of hollow hub motors are: the structure is relatively compact and simple, the heat dissipation performance is good, the power consumption is less than the solid hub motors, that is to say, the hollow hub motors can be used for a longer time with the same power, so consumers should try to choose hollow hub motors, which not only have better performance, but also longer motor life.

3. Body structure of folding electric scooter for adults

Folding electric scooters for adults are simple in structure, light in battery, and smaller in body, so they are usually much lighter than ordinary electric bicycles. When purchasing, we should not only pay attention to whether the body structure of the electric foot scooter is strong, but also whether it is easy to carry. It can be convenient for us to carry on the bus and subway, and it can also save space when stored, especially for female users. In general, the lighter the weight, the better. Many electric foot scooters have a folding function and can be carried around after folding. This is also the main reason why electric foot scooters are liked by urban office workers. In addition to requiring lightweight, we also need to pay attention to material and structure, at least with a bearing capacity of more than 100 kilograms, to ensure that the scooter is strong enough to withstand the test on bumpy roads. At present, the most commonly used materials are alloy steel or aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy is the best, but the price is relatively the most expensive. Therefore, consumers must understand the body material clearly when purchasing to ensure that it is strong and durable.

The main things you need to understand when choosing a folding electric scooter for adults are the above important parameters. Of course, if you still find it a bit troublesome and choose a big brand, don't try to buy a small brand or workshop product for yourself. IU's folding electric scooter for adults is trustworthy!

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