How to Solve Electric Motorcycle's Abnormal Operation?

Some electric motorcycles often stop and cannot drive normally. The first situation is that when you drive electric motorcycle, it works at times. You can turn off the key and start again, and it may continue work. The second type is the case where the key is turned on and there is power to indicate that there is electricity, and the speed handle is turned, but it does not go after a slight movement. The cause of the failure in these two cases is basically the same, and it is caused by poor power contact. The specific reasons for these two situations can be analyzed from the following aspects.

1. The main power connection and the battery connection of the electric motorcycle are disconnected

The main power source line of the electric motorcycle, including the battery connection line, the battery output line, and the main body power supply line. As long as there is a poor contact in these, the power supply of the whole vehicle will become abnormal. Sometimes the voltage is insufficient and the vehicle will not start normally, and sometimes the electricity meter will display full, as long as it starts to drop to the end. All of these are measured and checked according to specific steps.

Solution: Use a multimeter to measure the total power of the electric motorcycle. If the output is abnormal, we must open the seat package to check the battery connection line and battery output. Find the fault point where the contact is poor, reconnect, measure again, and ride the electric motorcycle normally, the problem can be solved.

2. Lock connection line of the electric motorcycle is disconnected

The poor contact of some types of electric motorcycles will occur at the fixed point of the lock and the line connection. All need to be checked step by step with a multimeter, first check from the air switch, whether there is a virtual connection of the line, the contact is not connected, and all the way to find the lock connection plug, you must check. You can find it with the buzzer file of the multimeter, and you have to pull it with your hand to see if there is a virtual connection.

As long as the problem is found, the solution is very simple, just reconnect it. If the fixed point of the lock is burnt out, it is necessary to replace the lock with a new one, so that all the problems are solved.

3. Motor and controller connection point of the electric motorcycle are disconnected

Sometimes the road is uneven, and after long use, the motor cable and the controller cable are easy to burn and lead to poor contact. As long as one of the wires is in poor contact, these micro-mobility devices will not be able to work normally. These problems are also very simple to deal with. Open the seat package and first check whether the motor hall is normal and whether the connecting wire is loose or burned out. If these fault points occur, reconnect and debug normally to solve the problem. If the problem is not resolved, check whether the controller service output is normal.

The electric motorcycle circuit is poorly connected, the lock is damaged, and the motor and controller fault points are somewhat obvious to find, and some are more secretive. As long as you are patient and check slowly step by step, you can find the problem.  It is normal to reconnect the short-circuited connection point. If it is a major problem, you need to repair the motor, controller, and lock. If it can't be repaired, you need to replace it with new accessories.

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