Three Parts of the Electric Scooter Should Be Waterproof in Rainy Days

Now all brands of electric scooters have adopted a lot of waterproof measures, so it does not matter if the electric scooters are wet by rain, but this does not mean that the electric scooters can "walk" in the water at will. Generally speaking, the "controller, battery, and motor" of an electric scooter are the three most prone to failure due to flooding. Therefore, if you want a waterproof electric scooter, you need to prepare the waterproof work of the controller, battery, and motor.

Ⅰ. Pay attention to the waterproof ability of three parts of waterproof electric scooter

1. Controller

The controller is generally arranged under the rear seat of the electric scooter, and its airtightness is relatively good, and it is not directly exposed to the air, but there are also some simple electric scooter controllers that are transferred under the beam. It is low, and it is easy to get water. Although the motor controller is basically a waterproof design, the water resistance is usually not particularly good. It is not uncommon to directly cause the controller to burn out due to the water entering the controller. Water in the controller can directly cause the motor to reverse or even short-circuit. After the owner of the electric step scooter is seriously immersed, you can remove the controller to wipe off the accumulated water, dry it with a hairdryer, and then install it. After installation, it is best to wrap the controller with a plastic bag to increase water resistance. 

2. Battery

The battery is the power source of the waterproof electric scooter. Water in the battery box can easily cause the battery's positive and negative poles to short-circuit, which can damage the battery, or cause the battery to lose power and be scrapped. If the electric scooter has been exposed to rain, wipe the battery and the connector with a rag or paper towel and other absorbent materials. Do not switch on the power before, because once the power is switched on, it may cause a short circuit. Therefore, do not charge the electric scooter battery immediately after it gets wet by rain. Be sure to dry the car in a ventilated place before charging.

3. Motor

Most of the electric scooter motors on the market are rear-mounted, and the motor is the main element that is the lowest distance from the ground where you are riding. It is the easiest to enter the water and is the main part of the short circuit. During riding, if you wade into deep water, it is easy to cause rainwater to enter the motor shaft and short-circuit the motor circuit, resulting in the problem of not being able to ride. Therefore, when driving on roads with stagnant water on a rainy day, pay special attention to avoiding areas with deep stagnant water. After heavy rain, the waterproof electric scooter should be placed in a ventilated and dry place as much as possible.

Ⅱ. Precautions for waterproof electric scooters on rainy days

1. Users of electric scooters must avoid areas with deep water when driving electric scooters on rainy days.

2. When parking the electric scooter, cover it with a prepared plastic sheet or raincoat.

3. After the electric scooter gets wet or immersed in water, dry the parts with a rag, place it in a ventilated and dry place, and then charge or drive after a period of time.

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