Why are Electric Powered Bicycles Always not Fully Charged?

Ⅰ. Promoting effect of electric powered bicycles on social development

Electric-powered bicycles have the advantages of green environmental protection and energy-saving, representing the development trend of future transportation, and will play an important role in transportation in the future. In addition, the development of the electric-powered bicycle industry has also driven the progress of the national economy. 

Electric-powered bicycles are assembled products and the mini folding electric bike is a typical type. The rapid development of complete bicycles has driven several parts supporting enterprises, expanding the demand for raw and auxiliary materials such as steel, plastic, and paper packaging. Some franchise stores and marketing outlets have also appeared, including centralized charging, maintenance, battery recycling, and so on, laying the foundation for the healthy development of the social economy.

Ⅱ. Why are electric-powered bicycles always not fully charged? 

When it comes to charging electric-powered bicycles, maybe everyone thinks that's too easy to notice. One connected to the power supply and the other connected to the battery, which they can do with their eyes closed. However, have you ever noticed that electric-powered bicycles are always not fully charged? What is the reason for this? According to the test, there are the following reasons:

1. The electric-powered bicycle does not match the charger 

Now many people like to mix chargers for convenience. For example, some people will use 60V chargers to charge 48V batteries. However, this charging method will accelerate the loss of water in the battery, resulting in insufficient charging of the battery, which will affect the service life of the battery. Therefore, the best charging method for us is to charge the with its special charger.

2. The charging environment is lower than 25℃

As far as the current temperature is concerned, indoor charging is different from outdoor charging. The battery of an electric bicycle also has its own most suitable temperature. When the temperature is lower than 25℃, the battery capacity will shrink, which can be understood as thermal expansion and contraction. In this case, of course, the battery will not be fully charged. Although it appears very fulfilling, it can be shown in terms of continuous and power consumption speed.

3. Frequent charging 

Some people think that the battery life of electric-powered bicycles is short, and the battery is not fully charged, so they always charge wherever they go because of no common sense in charging. The battery does not even have a chance to breathe, just working hard. When working in high load for a long time, of course, the battery will strike. The internal electrolyte has been reacting due to frequent charge and discharge. Under the continuous high-temperature state, the internal solution volatilizes, and the battery capacity decreases, resulting in a frequent power loss of the battery. 

Have you ever made these wrong charging mistakes? Let's learn the correct charging method. In this way, the service life of your electric powered bicycles will be longer.

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